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Podiart lábcentrumOur company was founded to offer help to people with foot problems. This is why we devised the computer-based sole examination in 1997 and began producing individual orthotic insoles based on it. Over the years many hundreds of thousands of people have contacted us to have their feet checked by computer, and almost as many people have chosen our individual orthotic treatment to alleviate their pains.

As foot problems are wide-ranging, varying from flat foot to fungal infections of the nail, we decided to offer a full service dealing with the whole of the foot. We opened our foot centre at Nefelejcs u. 22 in Budapest's District XVIII, where we welcome people with foot problems.

Talpmasszázs, lábtorna, gyógypedikűrWe offer counselling to young and old alike. We launched our "healthy feet" project based on modern foot exercises devised by our company's experts. Our therapeutic massage service - which can alleviate lower back complaints and locomotor disorders, relieve stress, or even help lose weight in a pleasant environment - is also available. Our medical pedicure service treats foot problems such as corns and calluses.

Treating an ingrown toenail (unguis incarnatus) always requires great attention on the part of the foot therapist or doctor. Today ingrown toenail treatment by the 3TO Spange nail brace is successfully used in many countries. In Germany the health insurer also supports this procedure, which is performed by our therapists in our Foot Centre. The 3TO Spange is ideal for guiding nail growth, enabling the ingrown toenail to recover completely and permanently. The treatment can be used for people of either gender and of all ages as well as diabetic patients. It works on the principle of a dental brace and can even be used by sportsmen and women, and people with active jobs as it does not inhibit movement.

We strive to treat the whole range of foot problems. Our motto is custom-made, full quality care.

With us your feet are in good hands.


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