Zsófia Erdélyi

To try and completely get rid of my heel pain, I persuaded myself to put my faith in orthotics again. My training partner suggested that I go to Podiart in Nefelejcs Street, where the staff were very helpful and kind. I had two pairs of orthotic insoles made – for training shoes and race shoes (these were even more specialised) – which I put in my shoes last week. Until now I’ve been breaking them in, walking in them, and that was fine. Then, today, I wore them for my morning run and so far I feel positive about them. Naturally, I don’t expect a miracle, though actually I wouldn’t mind one, but I think my heels feel more comfortable. I know this will happen gradually, but one thing is sure: compared to my other insoles that were made in March and April, my Podiart orthotics are space technology.

So I can honestly say that I recommend them to anyone who may be uncertain about orthotics and suffers from foot problems. Until now they’ve done the trick for me, and this can only mean they’ll be good in the future too. Now I feel I have a real chance to beat my heel pain.  

Gotta Love Running!

Zsófia Erdélyi

Zsuzsi Bankó

I’m not a sportswoman. I only run for fun. I started taking regular exercise when my second child was a year old and I got stuck on running in May last year. Why? Well, as a mother with young children it seemed the easiest thing. I thought that it doesn’t need anything extra. All I have to do is run. Then I realised that it’s not quite so simple. The shoes really do matter. When I managed to run a real distance and not only a short way, I began to feel that the shoes I wear do matter. My transverse arches started aching around the 5 to 6 kilometre mark. I bought myself a pair of real running shoes, but not in a specialist shop – there aren’t really any out here in the countryside – but they weren’t right for me at all. So I went to see the doctor, who told me I had fallen arches. No problem, that can be fixed with insoles. But not in my case. Then someone recommended Tibor Benedek to me. I got in touch with him and I soon ordered my first pair of orthotics for my ordinary outdoor shoes. When I first looked at them, I was really surprised. What were all these humps and bumps? I didn’t like the look of them :)

Mihály Osztatni

As a 62-year-old, relative beginner triathlete, I need all the help I can get for longer distances (1/2 Ironman, Ironman). At some distance one body part or another – maybe the feet, calves, waist, bottom or hands - lets me know about its presence and this can pretty soon turn into a painful nightmare. 

As a triathlete, I do two sports in shoes. I must say that I didn’t need to bother about my feet at all when doing the Ironman. They didn’t tell me they were present. Even after cycling 180 kilometres, I didn’t get cramp. In fact it seemed that the orthotics drove my legs harder. I used the lightened, that is the holey, type. Although my feet had a touch of numbness around 190 km on the Tour de Pelso, a 200-km route around Lake Balaton, there was no problem on the 10 km cooling down.   

Jutka Apostol

Good-looking shoes are not necessarily good shoes??? Or only not for me...

When you are buying shoes and you feel that they’re not quite right but you want them all the same... And then your regret it, but you’ve bought them anyway. I can’t run in them but they do look good on the shelf – though they were a bit too expensive just to gather dust and I don’t have any other running shoes...

So these were the problems I had when I turned to Podiart, to Tibi Benedek. I wanted to use my shoes but I couldn’t because they made my shins hurt and gave me blisters on the inner side of my soles, which was not due to running a long distance. I’m not an ultra runner, perhaps not much of a runner at all. You’ll usually find me at the edge of the track, but I do love running provided my feet don’t hurt.

The first time I tried my shoes with the new orthotics in I reached the garden gate. On the second I got to the end of the street and then I dared to go always a bit further.  

Now I run with these in the shoes on almost every occasion and I don’t get pain, or blisters or calf cramps like I used to anymore.

Thank you PODIART!!! But could I get something to collect the dust as my shoes don’t do that anymore!☺

Jutka Apostol

Cardio Control

Dóra Bakó

I was training for a half marathon when suddenly my shin began to hurt. I had periostitis. What’s more, according to specialists, this was due to problems with my arches and this could be traced to wearing the wrong shoes. I had tried 4 or 5 pairs of shoes but I ended up with injuries in all of them. I was recommended Podiart orthotics in the running shop. It seemed hopeless but I went there anyway. Thanks to the tailor-made orthotic insoles I regained the joy of running after so many injuries and different attempts, and since then it’s been going even better than before.

I’m so grateful to you.

Dóra Bakó


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